Roben Bellomo, M.Ed., M.Photog., CPP


Raised in a family with a strong appreciation for the arts, Roben Bellomo grew up frequenting the Detroit Museum of Art and other art venues inside and outside of Detroit, Michigan.  With Roben's mother being an avid musician, and his father, a professional artist and entrepreneur, Roben had many opportunities to explore a variety of creative avenues.

The first time Roben picked up a camera during high school is when he learned of his true passion for photography.  The marriage of creativity and technicality somehow spoke to him.  Capturing specks of time and being able to explore them time and time again captivated his interest in photography forever.

Roben passed up a photography scholarship to pursue a degree in education.  After graduation, Roben spent 10 years as a full time educator, nurturing his appreciation for the constant challenge and reward of learning.  Roben thrived at truly inspiring kids to apply themselves wholeheartedly and pursue their dreams.  While teaching those 10 years, Roben explored photography as a hobby and a personal release; however, it never felt like enough.  Listening to the advice he once offered his students, Roben decided to pursue his own dream of making photographic artistry full time.



Roben gives back to the photographic community through service.  He earned two President’s Awards during his first two years participating on the board for the Indianapolis Professional Photographers Guild  His first 4 years were spent serving as 2nd and 1st Vice President and is currently serving his fifth year as President.  He is also the Assistant Director for the Winona School of Professional Photographers, Vice President for the Daguerre Club of Indiana, and volunteers throughout the community.


Personal Life

After living in San Diego, California for 6 years, Roben and his wife, Adrienne, returned to the Midwest and reside in Carmel, Indiana during the Fall of 2013.  At the sacrifice of warmth and sunshine, Roben, his wife, and their two children are closer to what is most important to them, family.  Being driving distance to most of their extended family is a true blessing they do not take for granted.  While not working or spending time with family, Roben can be found strumming the guitar, playing soccer, or conversing with a friend while sipping coffee or bourbon.



Roben believes in encapsulating time, emotion, and relationships in the images he captures.  Roben strives for making every artwork he creates Meaningful, Memorable, and Masterful.  To learn more about the approach Roben takes with his clients, see “The Experience”.