Artistry Portraiture

Bellomo Studios recognizes the importance of capturing fleeting moments.  As firm believers in emotionally driven imagery, it is our goal to create more than aesthetically pleasing pieces.  We strive for artistry images that speak to their viewers and tell a story about their subject(s).  To do this, we engage our clients, from planning to printing, in a dialogue that creates not only memories, but also an experience that allows us to create custom art built around each moment for which we are asked to capture.  We take the time to get to know our clients and talk about their needs.  This course of dialogue allows us to create a concept that encapsulates the feelings our clients express as important to them.

Each Artistry Portraiture and Portfolio Development client can expect:

1.  An informational booking session in our residential studio to answer all of your questions and share samples of our Artistry prior to your booking.

2.  A planning session in your home to begin developing our collaborative vision.  During this part of the process, we will look at spaces you are considering for your finished Artwork, have a data driven discussion that will lead us to a vision, and discuss the appropriate medium choices for your environment.  Additionally, we can discuss your desired investment and narrow in on your final purchase selections.

3.  Correspondence leading up to our session regarding vision, theme, wardrobe, location, weather, makeup, hair, or anything that we may have determined as an element of our session.  

4.  An exciting and well organized session or sessions for the time we determine necessary to achieve our vision.  

5.  A collaborative selection meeting at our residential studio where you will view your images in a slideshow presentation set to music and using projection software to help you visualize the final result.

6.  The delivery.  Once all pieces have arrived, we will arrange the final reveal and pickup at our residential studio.  

Whether our clients are families, children, high school seniors, fashion models, musicians, or businesses, our approach is the same.  We collect information, get to know our clients, and then we collaborate and create; blending the styles necessary to create custom artistry for each client, while also staying true to the brand of Bellomo Studios.  At Bellomo Studios, we believe in images that are Meaningful, Memorable, and Masterful that will become part of the story for which they were created.